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Pomponi Perseveres in All-Star Opener

On a beautiful sunny spring day, the 2019 All Star Racing Association held their opening race of the 2019 season. Forty-three dedicated class racers showed up to do battle. Third round action began with Brad Rose’s F/SA ’67 Camaro benefitting from a red light start from Billy Pires’ ’81 Malibu Wagon N/SA 10.95 to 12.17. Rom Morehead’s GT/JA ’82 Camaro would prevail over Brandon Karaguzian’s N/SA ’82 Malibu Wagon in a double break-out affair 10.07 (10.10) to 12.29 (12.32). Marc LaBrecque’s 2002 S-10 GT/TC ran a dead-on 10.10 to dispatch Eddie Chin’s 10.82 (10.81) from his GT/LA ’92 Olds Ciera. In another break-out pairing, Jeff Coyne’s 11.418 (11.42) defeated Dany Lynch’s 11.20 (11.21). Jim Whitehead and his C/SA ’96 Camaro would prevail over George Mirza’s D/SA ’70 Duster 10.60 (10.63) to 11.06 (11.10) in yet another double breakout. Bill Pomponi had the bye running 11.38 in his H/SA ’69 Camaro.

Quarterfinals began with Brad Rose’s dead-on 10.95 over Ron Morehead’s red light. Bill Pomponi’s .004 initiated 11.37 (11.36) held off Marc LaBrecque’s game 10.15 (10.10) effort. Jim Whitehead used a 10.60 (10.59) from his Camaro to push Jeff Coyne’s I/S ’85 Camaro to break out 11.34 (11.40 dial). Semi-finals had Jim Whitehead’s C/SA ’96 Camaro run a 10.60 on the bye while Bill Pomponi’s better reaction time would defeat Brad Rose’s dial matching 10.95 with an 11.37 (11.36). Final round saw a great battle where Pomponi would prevail 11.37 (11.36) to 10.62 (10.59) giving Bill his first ASRA Win.

Specialty Awards:

Seacoast Auto Repair #1 Qualifier: Bob Broadbent

Diamond RV Take Out the #1 Qualifier: Brad Rose

NAPA Dead on the Dial: Bill Pomponi

Boucher’s Bounty Hunter: Ron Morehead

Eric Merryfield’s Best Losing Package: Dave Casey

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