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TJ Boucher Tops Field for Win and ASRA Championship

By Ernie Raschke

On a warm and sunny day, the final race of the 2019 All-Star season took place at Lebanon Valley. Fifty six of the most dedicated class racers showed up for what would be an epic battle for the championship with 12 racers still in contention. Round 3 began with Bob Broadbent’s 10.09 (10.10 dial) defeating Keith Sansone’s 10.76 (10.78 dial) in a double break-out affair. In another double break-out matchup, Bill Pomponi’s 11.47 (11.49 dial) from his H/SA ’69 Camaro goy by Cecil Frazier’s 11.80 (11.82 dial). Barry Parker’s 10.15 (10.13) from his B/SA ’70 Camaro forced Billy Pires to a 12.46 (12.47) breakout pass from his N/SA ’83 Malibu Wagon. Paul Sutherland’s 10.28 from his SS/IA ’66 Nova Wagon defeated A. Leverault’s red light 12.19 from his L/SA ’74 Camaro. Mike Farrell’s 11.04 (10.97) from his F/SA ’72 Duster defeated Dean Cook’s red light start in his J/S ’94 Mustang. TJ Boucher and his GT/GA ’87 Camaro defeated Greg Barsamian’s red lighting 11.01 (11.07) effort from his G/SA ’83 Camaro. Vic Jannett and his neat SS/EM ’55 Nomad Carpet Bagger Wagon defeated a red-lighting 10.56 from Eric Merryfield’s ’96 Dakota GT/TD pickup to complete the round.

Quarterfinal action would begin with an all ’69 Camaro matchup; Bob Broadbent’s A/S 396/375HP would defeat Bill Pomponi’s H/SA 350/255HP red light 10.09 to 11.46. Mike Farrell used an 11.06 from his ’72 Duster to defeat Barry Parker’s 10.15 (10.13). Vic Jannett’s Nomad would defeat Paul Sutherland’s 10.25 (10.27) breakout with a 10.17 in a battle of super stock wagons. TJ Boucher had the bye and would face Mike Farrell in the semi-finals. Boucher defeated Farrell with a 9.81 (9.80) to a break-out 11.00 (11.02). Broadbent had a single when Javinett had mechanical difficulties and could not make the call.

The season long points race boiled down to the top two competitors with TJ Boucher running a 9.77 to a red lighting 10.06 from Broadbent.

Specialty Awards:

Seacoast Auto Repair #1 Qualifier: Tim Stickles

Diamond RV Take Out the #1 Qualifier: Eric Merryfield

NAPA Dead on the Dial: Eric Merryfield

Boucher’s Bounty Hunter: Al Levreault

Eric Merryfield’s Best Losing Package: Brandon Karaguezian

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