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Boucher Claims 2019 Championship

Congratulations to TJ Boucher and the entire Boucher family for claiming the 2019 championship by a single point. The points battle truly went the full distance as 12 racers were in contention heading into the last race and it coming down to a winner take all final between Boucher and Bob Broadbent. TJ had started the day in 11th place and just managed to squeak past Brandon Karaguezian who had an outstanding season himself. Boucher's points total accumulated with improvements at each race as the season progressed starting with two 2nd round finishes, then a 3rd round showing, then a 4th round tally, and finally closing the season with the win. This marks TJ's second ASRA championship (1st in 2011) and the 4th for the Boucher family to go along with his Dad's two championships (1988 and 1999).

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