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Pires Brothers Battle for Shoot-Out Title

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

The 2019 ASRA Shoot-Out presented by Whitehead Motors was held on Saturday, August 10th at Lebanon Valley Dragway. All 16 qualifiers were in attendance to do battle in the tricky conditions as there was strong headwinds throughout the day. Round 2 action began with TJ Boucher wheeling his GT/GA '87 Camaro past Cory Menard's extremely clean SS/MA '65 Chevelle. In a race of nearly identical reactions times, Billy Pires grabbed the stripe by 0.006 in his N/SA '83 Chevy Wagon to get past Dan Lynch's H/SA '69 Camaro. DJ Pires turned a starting line advantage in his G/SA '72 Nova to turn on the win light against Gene Monahan in his '89 fuel injected firebird. The round closed out with the father son battle of Raffe and Brandon Karaguezian. Raffe left with a .025 advantage at the tree in his flamed SS/KA '66 Chevy II but Brandon ran closer to his dial (12.556 on 12.54) in his O/SA '82 Chevy Wagon to take the win by .011 seconds.

Semi-final action paired two maroon, 305 powered wagons when Brandon Karaguezian and Billy Pires lined up. With nearly identical dial-ins, the two left together with Billy .004 better on the tree and turned that into a double break-out win running 12 thousandths under his dial (12.518 on 12.53) as Brandon went further under (12.482 on 12.55). The other semi-final pairing was DJ and TJ. In another round of very close lights, DJ was .006 better and efficiently managed the stripe to also win in a double breakout affair only going under by 6 thousandths (11.584 on 11.59) while TJ took the stripe and was nearly 5 hundredths under his dial in doing so (9.825 on 9.87).

In a final round pairing brothers against each other, DJ Pires claimed bragging rights off the line with the better light at .012 but it wasn't enough to hold off his brother. Billy put himself on the right side of his dial-in (12.496 on the 12.48) while DJ didn't scrub enough E.T. off and broke out by 6 thousandths (11.574 on 11.58). Congrats to the entire Pires family and specially Billy for his 2019 ASRA Shoot-Out Crown.

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