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Morehead Mows Down All-Star Field

All-Star Racing Association kicked off a weekend double header for the first time this year at Lebanon Valley. It was also a weekend to honor two of the best racers ever in Stock/Super Stock, Dave LeBrun and Alan Peters. Saturday, June 22nd brought out a field of 94 dedicated racer to do battle. Round 4 began with Billy Pires’ O/SA ’83 Malibu Wagon holding off Pat Glade’s neat GT/GA ’85 Somerset 12.41 (12.37) to 10.19 (10.14). James Perrone wheeled his sharp SS/GA ’67 Nova past Garret Monde’s E/S ’70 AMX 10.54 to 11.09. Bob Broadbent used a 10.02 (10.01) from his A/S ’69 Camaro to defeat Matt Lisa’s clean ’70 Nova F/SA. Arnie Martel red lighted his chances and made Tony Fetch’s AA/SA ’69 Camaro the winner. Lincoln Morehead’s 10.15 from his SS/JA ’90 Camaro mowed down Jim Farrell’s 11.78 from his H/SA ’83 Camaro. Dave Casey’s 10.34 from his A/S Corvette defeated the 12.75 effort of Brandon Karageuzian’s N/SA ’82 Malibu Wagon

Quarterfinals saw Fetch defeat Pires 9.98 (9.99) to 12.37 (12.41) breakout. Lincoln Morehead’s 10.16 defeated Broadbent’s red light 10.01. James Perrone defeated Dave Casey’s Corvette 10.40 to 10.30. Semis had Morehead with the bye; Perrone defeated Fetch 10.65 to 11.23. Morehead prevailed in the final with A 10.05 (10.04) to Perrone’s 10.40 (10.38).

Specialty Awards:

Seacoast Auto Repair #1 Qualifier: Eric Merryfield

Diamond RV Take Out the #1 Qualifier: Dave Casey

NAPA Dead on the Dial: Billy Pires

Boucher’s Bounty Hunter: Gregg Sutherland

Eric Merryfield’s Best Losing Package: Cory Menard

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