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Karaguezian Captures first ASRA Win

On Saturday, July 27th the All Star Racing Association contested race #4 of their 6 race series at New England Dragway. 48 racers attended for what turned out to be a day full of sunshine and blue skies. Quarterfinal action kicked off with Brandon Karaguezian in his N/SA ’82 Chevy Wagon defeating Goerge LaBelle in his J/SA ’69 Camaro Convertible. Chris Butcher, driving his H/SA ’83 Camaro, had a great .003 light but broke out by a mere 5 thousandths to Eric Merryfield who had a .007 light and ran dead on his dial with his GT/TD Dodge truck. John Gray advanced to the semis in his A/SA big block ’69 Camaro as Ron Morehead red lighted in his GT/JA ’82 Camaro.

Karaguezian and Gray squared off in the semi-finals with the Gray spotting the 305 powered wagon almost a 2.5 second head-start. Brandon grabbed a 2 hundredths advantage at the tree with a stellar .001 light and held off Gray on the top end with a 12.38 (12.34 dial) while Gray ran a 9.99 on his 9.90 dial after getting slightly out of the groove on the launch. Eric Merryfield completed another monster wheelstand on his solo-run to the final.

The day would end with a first time ASRA winner as Brandon and Eric faced off in the final round. Brandon once again left first with another great .006 light and the race ended quickly as Eric left early and turned the red light on. Congrats to Brandon on his first win which also vaulted him into 1st place in the points standings through 4 races.

Specialty Awards:

Seacoast Auto Repair #1 Qualifier: DJ Pires

Diamond RV Take Out the #1 Qualifier: John Gray

NAPA Dead on the Dial: Mike Boucher

Boucher’s Bounty Hunter: Brandon Karaguezian

Eric Merryfield’s Best Losing Package: Bill Pomponi

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