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Fetch Victorious in All Star Memorial Race

Day 2 of the All-Star memorial weekend to honor the memory of Dave LeBrun and Alan Peters started with more competitors than Saturday. Sunday car count was an all time All-Star record – 108 entries!! Quarter final action saw Dave Casey’s A/S ’69 Corvette defeating a red-lighting Pat Molle in his strong AA/SA ’69 Camaro would use a 10.08 (10.07) to force Tim Stickles to break-out with is M/SA ’80 Malibu 12.08 (12.11 Dial). Joe Lisa’s clean E/SA ’68 Camaro 396/325HP defeated Billy Harper’s F/SA Nova 10.96 to 11.19 when both drivers were right on their dials. Lenny Williams had the bye and would face Joe Lisa in the semifinal round.

Lisa’s 11.04 (10.94) held off Williams’ 11.03 from his F/SA ’71 Buick GS 455. The other pairing had Anthony Fetch’s AA/SA ’69 Camaro defeating Dave Casey’s A/S ’69 Corvette with a double break-out affair, 10.07 (10.08) to 10.24 (10.28). The final pitted Fetch versus Lisa with the win going to Fetch. An .008 initiated dial-matching 10.07 to a break 10.92 (10.95) for Lisa.

Specialty Awards

Seacoast Auto Repair #1 Qualifier: Greg Barsamian

Diamond RV Take Out the #1 Qualifier: Tim Stickles

NAPA Dead on the Dial: Bob Broadbent

Boucher’s Bounty Hunter: No Winner

Eric Merryfield’s Best Losing Package: Tom Boucher

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