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Vogel Victorious in All-Star Finale

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

Under clear, cool, blue skies the final All Star race of 2017 was held at Lebanon Valley Dragway on Sunday, October 1st. Forty-Four dedicated sportsman racers showed up to do battle.

The third round began with a double break-out affair between Bob Vogel’s M/SA ’89 Mustang and Adam Strang’s E/S ’68 Firebird. Vogel would emerge victorious 11.97 (11.99 dial) to Strang’s flagrant 10.62 (10.66 dial). Keith Sansone’s 10.54 (10.53) from his E/SA ’66 Chevy II got the best of Dave Casey’s 11.40 (11.35) from his G/S ’86 Camaro. Bob Broadbent’s 10.03 (10.01) from his A/S ’69 Camaro held off Tom Boucher’s 9.47 (9.46) from his GT/DA ’96 Firebird. Wood Pagano’s 10.30 (10.29) from his B/SA ’70 Nova would dispatch Marc LaBrecque’s 10.15 (10.16) break out from his GT/TC ’02 S-10 Pick Up. Ron Morehead’s 10.16 (10.14) from his GT/GA ’82 Camaro defeated Greg Sutherland’s 9.99 from his SS/GA Nova. Lee Valentine had the bye in his K/SA ’85 Camaro and he would lose in the quarterfinals to Ron Morehead in a double breakout 10.14 (10.15) to 11.84 (11.89). Bob Vogel then defeated a red lighting Keith Sansone 11.97 to 10.53. Bob Broadbent’s dial matching 10.03 was too much for Pagano’s red lighting 10.28 (10.29) pass.

Semi finals saw Vogel’s dial matching 11.96 held off Morehead’s 10.18 (10.14). Broadbent had the bye into the final, and his red light gave Vogel the win with a 11.96 (11.95). Congratulations to Bob Vogel on his win.

After Saturday’s rain postponed the annual shootout, it was decided to run the event at the conclusion of the regular race. As the sun set and the track temp got cooler the final pair of the 16 car field pitted Dan Lynch’s G/SA ’69 Camaro versus Todd Bednaz and his ‘868 C/S Camaro. Bednaz would emerge victorious in the final when lynch fouled with a red light start.

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