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Stickles Stifles Allstar Field

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

To complete the double header weekend , All Star race #5 was held at New England Dragway Sunday July 30th. Thirty six of class racing’s best showed up under sunny blue skies.

Round 3 began with Tim Stickles’ 12.06 from his M/SA 1980 Malibu holding off Dean Cook’s 11.57 from his new E/SA 71 Mustang Mach 1. In a double breakout race Jim Penta’s 10.58 (10.66) held off Eric Merryfield’s 10.51 (10.59) from his 92 Dakota. Bob Letellier’s swift FS/SSE COPO Camaro ran a dial matching 9.68 forcing Bob Bruneau to breakout with a 9.02 (9.04) from his fleet SS/TA 2000 S10 pickup. In another double breakout race, Tom Boucher’s 9.52 (9.54) from his GT/FA '97 Firebird bettered Dean Ribeiro’s 12.00 (12.02) from his 77 L/SA Firebird.

Chris Butcher had the bye and would beat Boucher in the first match up of the quarterfinals 11.05 (11.04) to a 9.54 (9.51). Tim Stickles would be the benefactor of a red light start by Jim Penta’s SS/JA '98 Firebird 11.96 to 10.60. Bob Letellier had the bye into the semi finals where he defeated Chris Butcher with a .012 initiated 9.70 (9.68) to a dial matching 11.04.

Tim Stickles had the bye and would face Letellier in the final. Stickles would emerge victorious over Letellier 11.99 (11.96) to a 9.71 (9.68) with a winning margin a close .005!!

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