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Bednaz Bests All-Star Field

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Round 3 began with Bob Vogel’s 12.20 (12.18) from his M/SA ’88 Mustang the benefactor of Bob Moran’s red lighting 10.62 (10.60) from his B/SA ’69 Camaro. In a battle of stick shift Camaro’s, Todd Bednaz’s dial-matching 10.51 dispatched Bob Broadbent’s 10.12 (10.11) from his A/S ’69 Camaro. Brian Fink’s 11.72 (11.71) from his L/SA ’81 Malibu held off Gregg Sutherland’s dial matching 9.96 from his SS/GA ’66 Nova. Paul Sutherland’s .001 initiated 10.51 (10.48) from his SS/IA ’66 Chevy II Wagon defeated Brad Rose’s breakout 11.16 (11.19) from his ’67 F/SA Camaro. Dean Ribeiro had the bye in his L/SA ’77 Firebird.

Quarterfinal action began with an L/SA heads-up match between Dean Rebeiro and Brian Fink. Fink would prevail 11.71 to 11.92. Todd Bednaz’s 10.53 (10.49) from his C/S ’68 Camaro would get past Bob Vogel’s break-out 12.18 (12.19). Paul Sutherland had the bye.

Semi-finals began with Brian Fink emerging victorious over Paul Sutherland in a double break-out affair 11.69 (11.71) to 10.48 (10.51). Todd Bednaz had the bye and would square off with Brian Fink in the final. Fink’s red-light start would give Bednaz the win, 10.51 (10.50) to a 11.67 (11.70). Another race will be held here at New England Dragway tomorrow, July 30th.

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