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Pires Piles Up Win Lights in Race 4 Victory

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

The 2nd event of the ASRA double header at New England Dragway was held on Sunday, July 26th. Temps creeped their way into the low 90’s as 44 races came to compete for the ASRA crown.

Billy Pires driving his brothers G/SA Nova and Greg Barsamian driving his H/SA ’83 Camaro started 3rd round off with Pires getting the win using a dead on 10.506 as Barsamian broke out with an 11.13 (11.20 dial). In a double break-out affair, Adam Strang ran under by less in his D/S ’68 Firebird (10.67 on 10.69) to get past Barry Parker’s A/SA ’70 Camaro (10.14 on 10.17). John Gray in is 396 powered Camaro had some troubles on the track slowing to a 13.88 allowing Brandon Karaguezian in his 305 powered Malibu Wagon to run 12.685 (12.57 dial). In another double breakout race, the win light went to Bob Moran in his B/SA ’69 Camaro running under by 0.011 (10.389 on 10.40) as Raffe Karaguezian ran two thousandths further under (11.077 on 11.09) in his SS/LA ’66 Nova. George LaBelle ran 6 thousandths away from a perfect run his is J/SA convertible Camaro but that included a -.004 red light which allowed Greg Sutherland to advance with his own dead on run of 10.048 in his SS/GA Nova. Peter Foster would take the tree on his by run into the 4th round.

Six cars remained in quarterfinal action with Fostering bowing out with a red light start allowing Adam Strang to advance. In an exciting matchup between Pires and Karaguezian, Billy gained a slight .008 advantage at the start and then ran 11.50 on his 11.49 dial while Brandon broke out with a 12.50 on his 12.55 dial. Bob Moran took a little too much stripe and broke out by two thousandths (10.378 on 10.38) giving the win to Sutherland.

In the round of 3, Strang began things with a nice 0.002 light and his win light came on shortly after as Sutherland left a little too early and fouled away his chances on getting to the final round. Billy Pires staged and took the tree to set the stage for the trophy round. For the 3rd race in a row, a stick shift car was vying for with win as Strang pulled through the gears to a dead on 10.707 (10.70) but it wasn’t enough as Pires used a strong .016 reaction time and then managed the stripe to claim the win. Congrats to Billy on his wind and Adam on his strong runner-up showing.

The points battle is heating up as we prepare for our last weekend of racing at Lebanon Valley on August 29th and 30th. The Saturday race will be the conclusion of race 1 that was postponed due to rain after completing first round. Sunday will be the 5th and final race to determine our season champion.

Specialty Awards:

Seacoast Auto Repair #1 Qualifier: Peter Foster

Take Out the #1 Qualifier: John Gray

Dead on the Dial: Brandon Karaguezian

Boucher’s Bounty Hunter: Bob Horgan

Eric Merryfield’s Best Losing Package: Tim Gray

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