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2020 ASRA Champion – Todd Bednaz

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Congratulation to Todd Bednaz and the Bednaz family for claiming the 2020 championship! In a year faced with many challenges due to the COVID pandemic, ASRA racing remained as tight as ever with 15 racers still in contention heading into the last event of the season. With an early season victory, Todd was in contention from the get-go and entered the final race 2 rounds out of first place. The championship came down to a key math-up in the quarterfinals of the last race where the winner between Todd Bednaz and George LaBelle would earn the by in the semi-finals and enough points to clinch the championship. Todd held true to form to turn that win light on and become the 1st champion driving a stick since Dave Casey back in 2003. Bednaz’s points total was a result of a race win and runner up to go along with a 3rd round and first round exit. This is Todd’s 1st championship after knocking on the door back in 2014 and 2015 with back to back 2nd place finishes.

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