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Gregg Sutherland Successful in ASRA Opener

Under cool gray skies the 2017 All Star season kicked off at New England Dragway. Thirty four dedicated sportsmen racers showed up under threatening clouds.

Round 3 began with Tom Boucher’s 9.77 from his GT/IA ’86 Camaro defeating Brian Fink’s 11.64 (11.62 dial) effort from his L/SA Malibu. In a double breakout affair Bob Bruneau’s stout 8.87(8.88) from his GT/TA Chevy S-10 got the best of Dan Lynch’s 11.18 (11.21) from his H/SA ’69 Camaro. John Gray’s 9.95 (9.94) from his neat A/SA ’69 Camaro forced Billy Harper to a 10.92 (10.93) breakout from his F/SA ’69 Nova. In a battle of Big Block 69 Camaros , Steve Rehm’s 427 AA/SA defeated Bob Broadbent’s 396 A/S with a dial matching 10.00 to Broadbent’s 10.10 (10.09) Gregg Sutherland had the bye and would face John Gray in the quarter finals.

Sutherland would emerge victorious over Gray’s Camaro with the SS/GA ’66 Chevy II 10.00 to 9.95. Bob Bruneau’s dial matching 8.86 from his GT/TA truck would force Tom Boucher with a 9.73 (9.75 dial). Steve sped to a 9.98 bye run and would face off with Gregg Sutherland in the semis.

Gregg’s .015 initiated dial matching 9.99 defeated Rehm’s valiant 9.99 (9.98) effort. Bob Bruneau sped to a 9.91 on the semi final bye and would face Sutherland in the final.

Bruneau would red light in the final and Gregg Sutherland’s 10.01 (9.99) pass brought home the gold.

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