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Ehle Emerges Victorious in All-Star Make-up

All-Star Race #3 was finally run at Lebanon Valley on July 9th. As that old cliché third time is the charm reverted to fruition, the race got done on the third attempt. Thirty seven dedicated racers showed up to do battle in the questionable conditions which all turned out good.

Round 3 began with Jim Whitehead’s 11.72 (11.70) from his I/SA ’86 Firebird defeating Dave Casey’s 11.43 (11.42) effort from his G/S Camaro. Ernie Ehle’s 11.54 (11.52) from his E/SA ’66 Nova held off the 10.60 pass from Todd Bednaz and his C/S ’68 Camaro. Chris Butcher used a 11.30 from his H/SA ’86 Camaro to get by Carl Lubucha’s 13.33 from his neat ’55 Chevy Q/SA entry.

In a battle of S-10 Pickups, Marc Labrecque’s 10.25 (10.23) from his GT/TC 2002 defeated a breakout 9.00 (9.01) from Bob Bruneau’s SS/AT 2000 S-10. Dan Lynch’s .017 initiated 11.44 (11.40) from his H/SA Camaro forced Billy Harper to break-out with a 11.06 (11.09 dial) from his strong G/SA ’69 Nova.

Quarterfinal action saw Ehle’s 11.48 from the Nova defeating Chris Butcher’s red light start. Jim Whitehead’s 11.69 (11.71) from his Firebird was less flagrant than Danny Lynch’s 11.37 (11.40) from his Camaro. Marc Labrecque has the bye and in the semi-finals a (-.003) foul would advance Ernie Ehle’s 11.50 (11.43 dial). Jim Whitehead had the bye and opposed Ehle in the final. Ehle would emerge victorious over Whitehead in a double break-out affair 11.475 (11.48) to a losing 11.675 (11.69).

All-Start Races 4 & 5 will be held at New England Dragway the last weekend in July (7/29 & 30).

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