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Broadbent Bests Field at Race 1 Make-Up

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

The first race of the ASRA season started back on June 28th and came was completed on Sunday, August 30th at Lebanon Valley Dragway. 40 cars were in attendance when the race started with only 1 round being completed in June. 2nd round action commenced on a cool day in late August with final seeding for the shoot-out at stake.

Lebanon had a packed house making for a long day of racing. Third round action started with Peter Foster using a starting line advantage his is F/SA Chevy Camaro to ease past (11.15 on 11.11 dial) a slowing TJ Boucher in his S/GTD Camaro (12.07 on a 12.00 dial). Eric Merryfield has some trouble on the starting line which allowed George LaBelle to comfortably lift at a top end and run a 12.23 (12.14 dial) in his J/SA ’69 convertible Camaro. In a battle of big block 69 Camaros, the stick shift one driven by Bob Broadbent used a 2 hundredths reaction time advantage to push John Gray further under the dial in a double break-out affair. Dave Casey in his 427 powered A/S Corvette benefited from a Gene Monahan red light start to advance. The round closed with Dan Lynch using a nice 0.011 light coupled with a one over 11.365 (11.35 dial) to force Brandon Karaguezian into a 12.33 breakout on his 12.36 dial.

Pete Foster started the 4th round of with the scheduled by run. In another battle of 69 Camaros, Broadbent was the benefactor of LaBelle leaving a bit too soon with a red light. In the last run of the round, Casey managed to take the stripe by 0.001 seconds but broke out doing so (10.311 on 10.37 dial) as Lynch had the starting line advantage and ran right on his dial in (11.303 on 11.30 dial).

With 3 cars remaining, Foster fouled away his chances of advancing and sent Broadbent on this way to the final round. Lynch took the solo shot setting the stage for yet another dual of ’69 Camaros, this time under the lights in some night racing. For the 3rd time in 4 races this year, it would be the stick car claiming victory as Bob Broadbent had a slight 8 thousandths advantage leaving the line and ran a safe 10.141 on his 10.10 dial while Dan Lynch lifted a little early running 11.354 on his 11.30 dial. Congrats to Bob on his win and Dan on his RU. The completion of this race set the stage for the final race on September 19th at New England Dragway where there are 15 racers still in mathematical contention for the championship. The Shoot-Out field has also been finalized with that race on the schedule for September 20th at New England Dragway.

Specialty Awards:

Seacoast Auto Repair #1 Qualifier: Steve Rehm

Take Out the #1 Qualifier: Dan Lynch

Dead on the Dial: George LaBelle

Boucher’s Bounty Hunter: Pete Foster

Eric Merryfield’s Best Losing Package: Tim Gray

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