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Whitehead is Top Dog in 2022 ASRA Shootout


The 2022 ASRA Shootout presented Gutter by Design and Tim Stickles was complete on September 10th at Lebanon Valley Dragway. This was the 30th running of the prestigious evens that pairs up the top 16 points earners from the first 5 races of the season.

There was plenty of tight racing with one of the closest being at the start of the quarterfinals. TJ Boucher grabbed a slight 0.013 advantage at the start and needed every bit of it to squeak by Steve Rehm. Boucher ran 11.65 (11.63 dial) in his I/SA ’87 Camaro to Rehm’s 9.94 (9.93 dial) in his AA/SA ’69 Camaro with the margin of victory being less than 1 thousandth of a second. The next pair saw Todd Bednaz in his D/S ’68 Camaro paired up with 2021 ASRA champion DJ Pires in his H/SA ’69 Nova. Pires would have the advantage at the tree but ran off his dial in with a 11.544 (11.44) while Bednaz got to the stripe first with a 10.717 (10.68). Tom Boucher, who already clinched the 2022 season championship, bowed out of the shootout with a -0.008 red light to Dan Lynch who drove to an 11.31 (11.29 dial) in his H/SA ’69 Camaro. The last pair of the round was also determined via red light as John Gray left a little early in his AA/SA ’69 Camaro. Jim Whitehead was the beneficiary in his ’98 C/SA Camaro but was ready with a solid 0.015 light.

Semi-final action started with Whitehead turning on the win light using a 10.82 (10.81 dial) against TJ Boucher who was a bit tardy and broke out with a 11.61 (11.63). In the other semi-final pairing, Bednaz found himself behind at the starting against Lynch. However, at the top end Bednaz was able to get to the stripe first by 0.01 seconds running a dead on 10.71 while Lynch was let of the gas to a 11.35 (11.31 dial).

In the final round, Whitehead was perfect on the Christmas tree and turned that into a victory running 10.81 (10.79). Bednaz was right near his dial with a 10.72 (10.71) but couldn’t make up for the 0.000 handed to him by Whitehead. Congrats to Whitehead on his first shoot-out win! Special thanks to Tim Stickles and Gutter’s by Design for supporting the annual shoot-out race.

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