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Tom Boucher Victorious in All Star Opener

By Ernie Raschke, 6/25/2022

Fifty-five class racers showed up to do battle on the initial date of June 18th for a race that was being run in memory of the late Mark Markow. Special thanks to Stephanie Markow, Marc LaBrecque, and John Cannata for sponsoring the memorial race along with the many anonymous donations by others. Unfortunately, some delays during the day kept the race from being completed and action was stopped after the first two rounds were in the books. Third round action picked up one week later under warm and sunny conditions. Quarterfinal action began with a pair of ’69 big block Camaros, Bob Broadbent’s A/S versus Henry Specht’s A/SA. Specht prevailed 10.49 (10.47 dial) to Broadbent’s 10.13 (10.09 dial). Dan Lynch’s H/SA ’69 Camaro would take the measure of Paul Sutherland’s SS/IA ’66 Nova Wagon 11.38 (11.36 dial) to 10.23 (10.15 dial). Tom Boucher’s 9.82 (9.79 dial) from his GT/GA ’87 Camaro would defeat Gene Monahan’s 12.17 (12.15 dial) from his K/SA ’89 Firebird. Mike Farrell sped to a 10.79 bye run from his neat ’72 Duster.

Semis would see Specht’s 10.49 (10.47 dial) from his Camaro upend Farrell’s dial matching 10.79. Boucher’s 9.82 would force Lynch to break-out 11.35 (11.36 dial). In the final, Specht had some mechanical issues and left before the tree was activated giving the win to Boucher who ran dead on his dial of 9.80 for good measure.

Specialty Awards:

Seacoast Auto Repair #1 Qualifier: Tim Whitehead

D.I.P.G. Awareness Take Out the #1 Qualifier: DJ Pires

Deanco Automotive Dead on the Dial: Brad Rose

Boucher’s Bounty Hunter: Tom Boucher

Eric Merryfield’s Best Losing Package: George Mirza

MicroStrategies Best Winning Package: TJ Boucher

Deanco Automotive “Its Been a While”: Tom Boucher

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