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Sutherland Successful in All-Star Bid

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

A cool, cloudy October day was the setting for the completion of the June 24th (Sunday) race at Lebanon Valley which had 41 cars originally. Round 3 began with Mike Farrell’s nice B/SA ’71 Challenger defeating Tom Boucher’s GT/GA ’97 Firebird. Dean Ribeiro’s SS/KA ’98 Camaro got the best of Bob Broadbent’s A/S Camaro. In an all stick shift battle, Dave Casey’s A/S ’69 Corvette defeated Dean Cook’s K/S ’95 Mustang. Dave Picinelli’s C/SA ’94 Camaro got by Bob Horgan’s H/SA ’86 Firebird. Tim Stick;es L/SA ’80 Malibu defeated John Gray’s A/SA ’69 Camaro while Paul Sutherland had the bye.

Sutherland’s SS/IA ’66 Chevy II Wagon would defeat Tim Farrell’s B/SA ’71 Challenger to open round 4. Dean Rebiero would defeat Dave Casey and Picinelli would get the best of Stickles. That left only 3 cars for the semis when the rain came. Paul Sutherland’s 10.47 (10.43) defeated Dean Ribeiro’s red-lighting 10.97 to seal the deal as Paul would go on to single in the final as Dave Picinelli was unable to return for the rain out date.

Specialty Award Winners:

ASRA #1 Qualifier: Tom Boucher

Boucher's Bounty Hunter: Kieth Sansone

Diamond RV Take out #1 Qualifier: Bob Broadbent

Eric Merryfield's Best Losing Package: TJ Boucher

NAPA Auto Parts Dead on the Dial Award: Jacques Blais

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