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Sutherland Snags Shoot-Out Win

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

The 2018 ASRA Shoot-Out sponsored by Broadbent Brothers Racing (celebrating their 50th anniversary in the sport!) was completed on Sunday, October 7th. The 16 qualified races hit the track on a slightly cloudy day at Lebanon Valley Dragway. To stay consistent with the theme of the year, there were slight periods of mist that did test the patience of the racers but ultimate did not result in any significant down time.

Round 2 started with Bob Vogel running a 12.23 safely on his 12.19 dial to defeat Dean Ribeiro who broke out with a 10.90 on his 10.91 dial. In a race decided by a mere 3 thousandths at the strip, Woody Pagano turned on the win light with a 10.49 (10.47 dial) to Jim Whitehead’s 11.76 (11.74 dial). Brian Fink used his advantage at the starting line with a two over 11.67 to push Bob Horgan under is dial with a 11.51 on an 11.53. The round closed with Paul Sutherland running 10.57 on a 10.53 to get the best of Dan Lynch’s breakout pass of 11.23 on a 11.24 dial.

Semi-final action saw Pagano light the red one allowing Vogel to move on to the final with a 12.19 on his 12.17 dial. On the other side of the latter, problems for Fink after launching put Sutherland in the position to take the win light with a coasting 11.49 on his 10.53 dial. In the final, Sutherland was able to gain a 0.012 advantage in reaction time and turned it into a margin of victory of 0.002 seconds against Vogel in a double breakout. Sutherland went 10.514 on his 10.53 dial while Vogel was just a little further under with a 12.172 on his 12.19 dial. Congratulations to Paul Sutherland for his second win of the weekend and also to Bob Vogel for his second final of the weekend. Also a big thanks to Broadbent Brothers Racing for sponsoring the 2018 Shoot-Out

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