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Pagano Pounds All-Star Field

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

The 2018 All-Star racing season finally got underway at Lebanon Valley Dragway on June 3rd, two weeks after teh original start on May 19th. Forty-five dedicated class racers showed up to do battle under cloudy conditions. Third round began with Jeff Coyne's dial matching 11.30 from his I/S '85 Camaro holding off Bob Moran's 10.14 (10.12 Dial) charge from his B/SA '69 big block Camaro. Dave Casey's 10.24 (10.20) from his A/S '69 427 Corvette would dispatch Tyler Fillipone's 12.69 (12.66) effort from his '86 P/SA Olds. Woody Pagano would defeat Tim Barrett's G/SA '69 Camaro in a double break-out affair 10.39 (10.43) from his B/SA '70 Nova to Barrett's more flagrant 11.56 on his 11.61 dial. Jacques Blais would mustor up a 9.98 from his GT/IA '95 Mustang to defeat Brad Rose's 11.20 (11.24) breakout from his F/SA '67 Camaro. Allison Smyth's 10.22 (10.23) from her A/SA '98 Firebird would down Jim Whitehead's 11.64 (11.69) from his '86 I/SA Firebird in a double break-out affair. John Gray's A/SA '69 Camaro defeated Cory Menard and his sharp SS/MA '65 Chevelle to finish the round. Quarterfinal action began with Woody Pagano's 10.43 from his B/SA '70 Nova defeating a red lighting Dave Casey. Jeff Coyne and his I/S Camaro were also the benefactors of a red light from Jacques Blais 11.32 to a losing 9.93. In a heads up A/SA battle, John Gray prevailed over Allison Smyth 9.88 to 10.21.

Semifinal activity began with Woody Pagano's 10.54 catching Jeff Coyne's 11.30 (11.29 dial) frin the I/S Camaro. John Gray had the bye and would face Pagano in the final. The big blocks squared off and Woody would emerge victorious over John in a double break-out match, 10.383 (10.39) to a 9.906 (9.92). In less than two weeks, All Star Racing returns t Lebanon Valley for a double dip weekend race on Saturday 6/23 and Sunday 6/24, the week before the Lucas Oil Divisional at L.V.D.

Specialty Award Winners:

ASRA #1 Qualifier: Tyler Fillipone

Boucher's Bounty Hunter: Woody Pagano

Diamond RV Take out #1 Qualifier: Dave Casey

Eric Merryfield's Best Losing Package: Gregg Sutherland

NAPA Auto Parts Dead on the Dial Award: Jim Whitehead

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