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Mirza Prevails in All-Stars Weekend Race 1

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

By Ernie Raschke

August 14, 2021

Saturday, August 14th was an important date for the All Star Racing Association as they held race #5 at Lebanon Valley Dragway. The weather was cooperative and 45 dedicated class racers showed up to do battle. Round 3 began with Billy Pires’ N/SA ’83 Malibu Wagon getting the best of Steve Sparago’s 1994 GT/PA Firebird 12.71 to 10.90. Tyler Fillipone and his P/SA ’87 Olds Cutlass would get the best of Frank Tantillo’s red-light 12.77 (12.50) to 10.94 (10.90). In a double break-out affair, Ed Bednaz and his B/S ’69 Nova would defeat Eric Merryfield’s GT/TD ’92 Dodge Dakota 10.38 (10.40) to 10.54 (10.56). Woody Pagano’s B/SA ’70 Nova used a dial-matching 10.48 to dispatch Todd Bednaz’s break-out 10.729 (10.73 dial). George Mirza’s 11.01 (11.00) from his D/SA ’71 Duster 340 would better Brad Rose and his dial matching 11.11 effort from his ’67 Camaro. DJ Pires’ 11.43 (11.39) would hold off John Gray’s 9.99 (9.95) form his nice ’69 AA/SA Camaro.

Quarterfinal action began with Tyler Fillipone defeating Billy Pires 12.78 (12.77) to 12.69. DJ Pires would defeat Ed Bednaz 11.41 (11.39) to a dead-on 10.37. George Mirza’s 10.97 (10.98) would take the measure of Woody Pagano’s -0.003 red light. Semi-finals saw George Mirza defeat Tyler Fillipone in a double break-out affair 10.94 (10.97) to a 12.71 (12.77). DJ Pires had the bye. The final saw Mirza defeating a red lighting Pires for the All Star victory.

Specialty Awards:

Seacoast Auto Repair #1 Qualifier: Brad Rose

D.I.P.G. Awareness Take Out the #1 Qualifier: George Mirza

Deanco Automotive Dead on the Dial: Jim Whitehead

Boucher’s Bounty Hunter: George Mirza

Eric Merryfield’s Best Losing Package: Bob Broadbent

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