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DJ Pires Rises to Top as 2021 Champion!

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Congratulations to DJ Pires and the entire Pires family for claiming the 2021 championship. It was another points battle that came down to the last race with numerous in contention as racing action wrapped up. DJ went deep enough the last day to hold off George Mirza and claim the championship by just over a single round of racing. DJ started off the year with two 2nd round exits at the opening weekend but certainly hit his mid-season stride as he strung together a runner-up, a win, another runner-up, and closed the season with a 4th round finish. DJ joins a pretty elusive club as this is his second ASRA championship (1st in 2008) and the 3rd for the Pires family to go along with his brother Billy's championship in 2006.

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