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Lynch Lassos All-Star Make-Up

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

On a gray overcast day, all star racers made up and completed two races which were continuation from June 23rd and 24th at Lebanon Valley Dragway. The June 23rd race (Saturday) had 31 competitors show up. Quarter final action began with Tim Stickles’ 12.21 (12.15) from his L/SA ’80 Malibu holding off TJ Boucher’s 11.85 (11.78) effort from his ’84 Camaro. Jim Whitehead’s 11.68 (11.64) from his I/SA ’86 Firebird defeated a -.006 red light start from Bob Moran’s B/SA ’69 Camaro 10.14. Bob Vogel’s 12.11 (12.10) from his M/SA ’89 Mustang benefited from Brian Fink’s 11.46 (11.47) red light from his K/SA ’81 Malibu. In a double breakout affair, Dan Lynch’s 11.12 (11.14) from his H/SA ’69 Camaro defeated Cory Menard’s more flagrant 11.20 (11.32) from his ’65 Malibu.

In the semi-final round, Dan Lynch’s perfect .000 initiated 11.17 (11.13) would defeat Tim Stickles’ 12.18 (12.17). Bob Vogel’s 12.12 (12.10) would defeat Jim Whitehead’s break-out 11.65 (11.68) effort. In the final, Lynch would prevail over Vogel 11.18 (11.13) to 12.14 (12.11).

Specialty Award Winners:

ASRA #1 Qualifier: Gary Parker

Boucher's Bounty Hunter: No Winner Eligible

Diamond RV Take out #1 Qualifier: Dan Lynch

Eric Merryfield's Best Losing Package: Brad Rose

NAPA Auto Parts Dead on the Dial Award: Bob Horgan

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