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Gray Gathers Gold in All-Star Victory

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

On a nice late summer day, All Star race #5 was held at New England Dragway. Forty-five dedicated class racers showed up to do battle. Third round began with Tim Stickles’ dial matching 12.13 from his ’80 M/SA Malibu downing Chris Butcher’s break out 10.98 (10.99 dial) from his ’86 H/SA Camaro. John Gray’s 9.97 (9.95) effort from his ’69 A/SA Camaro dispatched Woody Pagano’s 10.38 (10.39) break out from his B/SA ’70 Nova. Gregg Sutherland’s 9.95 (9.92) from his ’66 Nova SS/GA entry defeated Mike Boucher’s 11.64 (11.67) breakout in his ’84 Camaro. Todd Bednaz and his C/S ’68 Camaro was the winner versus TJ Boucher’s GT/IA ’87 Camaro. Brian Fink’s 11.45 from his K/SA ’81 Malibu bettered Jim Reid’s red light from his ’89 Camaro. Rom Morehead’s 10.00 from his GT/JA ’82 Camaro defeated Tom Boucher’s red lighting 9.51 from his GT/GA ’97 Firehawk.

Quarterfinal action began with John Gray defeating Tim Stickles in a double break out affair, 9.94 (9.96) to 12.08 (12.12). Gregg Sutherland used a 9.94 (9.93) to get by Todd Bednaz’s 10.45 red light pass. Ron Morehead’s 10.01 (10.05) was the beneficiary of a (-.001) red by Brian Fink who ran 11.44. Ron Morehead had the bye in the semi-finals. The other match-up had John Gray defeat a red lighting Gregg Sutherland 10.13 to 10.00.

The final pitted Gray versus Morehead and Gray would emerge victorious in a double breakout affair, 9.93 (9.95) to 10.02 (10.05).

Specialty Award Winners:

ASRA #1 Qualifier: Dean Cook II

Boucher's Bounty Hunter: No Winner Eligible

Diamond RV Take out #1 Qualifier: Gregg Sutherland

Eric Merryfield's Best Losing Package: Paul Sutherland

NAPA Auto Parts Dead on the Dial Award: George LaBelle

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