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Barsamian Emerges Victorious in All-Star Win

Updated: Aug 26

By Ernie Raschke

June 18, 2023

Under grey threatening clouds, race #2 of the 2023 All Star season was held at Lebanon Valley Dragway. Thirty three dedicated class racers showed up to do battle of what would be a single race weekend due to prior weather on Saturday. Third round began with Dave Casey’s A/S ’69 Corvette 427 defeating Jim Farrell’s H/SA ’83 Camaro, 10.31 to a break-out 11.51 (11.53 dial) for Farrell. George Mirza’s 10.91 (10.88 dial) from his D/SA ’71 Duster got the best of Pete Foster’s 11.11 (11.09 dial) from his clean ’67 E/SA Camaro. Ed Bendaz’s 10.43 (10.42 dial) from his ’70 B/S Nova dispatched Pat Aubin’s 10.37 (10.30 dial) from his GT/LA ’86 Camaro. Nic Barsamian’s 10.50 (10.52 dial) from his C/SA ’70 Chevelle upended Bill Arpine’s 9.69 (9.71) in a double break-out affair. Tyler Fillipone finished the round with a 12.69 bye in his ’86 Cutlass P/SA 307.

Quarterfinals began with George Mirza’s 10.94 (10.89) getting the best of Tyler Fillipone’s 12.64 (12.69) break-out. Nic Barsamian would then face off against Ed Bednaz in an all 402 cu. in. big block match up. The C/SA Chevelle would prevail over the B/S Nova in a double break-out 10.459 (10.51) to 10.371 (10.43). Dave Casey took the tree on his single to advance to the semis.

Casey used a 10.29 (10.24) to catch George Mirza’s 10.95 (10.92) to open the semi-final round. Nic Barsamien took the tree on his solo shot to be ready to square off against Dave Casey in the final. Barsamian’s 10.50 (10.47) would take the measure of Casey’s 10.34 (10.24). Congrats to Nic and family for picking up the ASRA win.

The make-up for Saturday’s rain-out will be held on July 30th which is the same weekend that ASRA is already scheduled to be back at Lebanon Valley.

Specialty Awards:

Seacoast Auto Repair #1 Qualifier: Sam Dillow

D.I.P.G. Awareness Take Out the #1 Qualifier: George Mirza

Deanco Automotive Dead on the Dial: Pat Aubin

Boucher’s Bounty Hunter: Pat Aubin

Eric Merryfield’s Best Losing Package: Todd Bednaz

MicroStrategies Best Winning Package: Pat Aubin

Deanco Automotive “Its Been a While”: N/A

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