1.) Full Membership will be $350 for car and driver to join for the year payable by the first race.


2.) Associate Membership will be $100 and includes all voting rights and privileges as a full member but not eligible to collect ASRA payout, contingencies or earn ASRA points. At anytime an Associate member can pay the additional $250 to become a full member.


3.) Dues are non refundable.


4.) Money will be paid to the registered ASRA member.


5.) Points will be awarded to the registered ASRA member.


6. )ASRA will be using the NHRA points system.


7.) Membership checks should be payable to: ALL STAR RACING ASSOCIATION.






1.) There will be no co-drivers.


2.) The correct class designation and minimum weight is to be on the car before the first time trial.


3.) If a race is rained out and the first pair of cars has completed the first round, the ladder is considered locked. There is to be no changing of class and/or car from what was originally entered. When the race is continued, we revert back to the original ladder.


4.) Any racer having a complaint either with the track or the ASRA during the course of the event (including starting line procedure) must find one of the Board of Directors to solve the problem. Going to the starter or tower is prohibited.


5.) All protests for legality will be per NHRA rules and fees except for a camshaft check in the stockers.


6.) Any rule not covered will be decided upon by at least two members of the B.O.D. at the time of the problem.


7.) IHRA cars are welcome, if the car can crossover to NHRA (i.e. NHRA H/SA vs. IHRA H/SA) the IHRA car must meet NHRA rules and indexes. If the class is unique to IHRA it need to meet only IHRA rules.


8.) The track ladder sheet determines all pairings.


9.) Full bodied cars only.


10.) NHRA/IHRA suspension rules apply to ASRA participants regardless of the track sanction.




1.) The top 16 points earners from the first five races will qualify.


2.) Alternates will be allowed if the qualified driver is not present at the race, or cannot compete.


3.) The final payout will be determined by sponsorship and raffle profits.


4.) If the qualified car is legitimately broken, the member may borrow another class legal car to compete, but not to gain class advantage.


5.) If the car is borrowed, a time trial will be allowed for safety reasons only! No time slip will be given and no times will be posted.


Any questions regarding the shoot-out format, etc., please contact one of the board of directors.