Allison Smyth Defeats Her Brother Stephen in ASRA 2014 Closer

By Ernie Raschke

Under a constant threat of rain with dark gray skies, the final race of the 2014 ASRA season was held at New England Dragway in Epping,NH. Forty eight dedicated class racers showed up to do battle.

Quarter final action saw Stephen Smyth and his 2010 Dodge Challenger CC/SA Drag Pak entry take the measure of Marc LaBrecque's GT/TC 2000 S10 pickup 9.77 to a red lighting 10.24. Dean Cook used a dead on 11.02 from his F/S 71 Mustang to force Vic Santos to break out with a 10.135 on a 10.14 dial in his GT/JA 85 Firebird. Allison Smyth used a 10.57(10.60) to upend Joe Santangelo's 10.85 (10.88) in a double breakout run

Semi final action saw Steve Smyth speed to a 9.70 bye run, while his sister Allison would use a 10.59 (10.57) from her 98 C/SA Firebird to get by Dean Cook's vain 11.03 (11.02).

The final would be a Smyth Family affair with Allison prevailing with a .003 initiated 10.573 on a 10.57 dial to Stephen's .031 initiated 9.703 on a 9.70 dial


Vic Santos
Photo Courtesy of WheelzupRadio

Santos Holds Off Santangelo for Diamond RV Shootout Win

By Ernie Raschke

In the 2014 Diamond RV sponsored ASRA Shootout, sixteen dedicated racers showed up to do battle between the great performers of the ASRA season.

Semi final action saw Vic Santos' GT/IA '85 Firebird get the best of Mark Markow's GT/TB 2000 S10 pickup. The other pairing was an all C/SA heads up battle of Greg Gay's 69 Dodge Super Bee 440 6 pack versus Joe Santangelo and his 94 Camaro. Santangelo emerged victorious in the match up 10.88 to a 11.01

The final saw Vic Santos' .009 initiated 10.04 (10.03 dial) take the measure of Santangelo's .020 initiated 10.527 (10.53 dial) breakout pass

Greg Gay
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Greg Gay Garners Gold in Napierville

By Ernie Raschke:

Under cool cloudy Autumn like conditions many ASRA racers made their annual trek to Napierville Dragway in Quebec, Canada This race was contested on Sunday after Saturday's washout. Twenty nine dedicated racers showed up to do battle.

Quarterfinal action saw Tom Boucher's 9.56 (9.53 dial) dispatch Jim Harris's K/SA 66 Nova 11.72 (11.70 dial). Greg Gay's 69 Dodge 440 6 pack C/SA used a 10.66 to hold off a wheel standing run from Yves Peringny's GT/AA 92 Cavalier. Bob Don's 12.27 (12.24 dial) from his N/SA 86 Caprice coupe held off Joe Santangelo's game 10.43 (10.37 dial) effort from his 94 C/SA Camaro. Sean Gaffney's 9.50 (9.46 dial) from his neat 66 Chevy II SS/H took the measure of Eric Merryfield's 10.59 (10.63 dial) breakout pass in his GT/TD 96 Dakota.

Semi final action saw Greg Gay's 10.55 (10.53 dial) hold off Tom Boucher's valiant 9.59 (9..52 dial ) from his GT/DA 97 Firebird. Sean Gaffney's dial-matching 9.48 defeated Bob Don's on the dial 12.26 with the reaction time in Gaffney's favor.

The Final round match up saw Greg Gay' 10.56 on a 10.53 dial hold off Sean Gaffney's 9.54 on a 9.46 dial for the Wally and $5,000 payday.


Diamond RV Shootout Qualifiers

Here are the Diamond RV Qualifiers for the Septembert 20th All Star Shootout at New England Dragway:
7.Tony Fillipone
10.Tyler Fillipone

3 ties in the above list and this is subject to change.

17. Tom Boucher
18. Labrecque
19. Lynch

Alternates will fill vacated positions.
1 runs 9, 2 runs 10, etc.
Equally classed cars will race heads up!

Joe Santangelo
Photo Courtesy of WheelzupRadio

Santangelo Secures Race 5

By Ernie Raschke:

Warm and sunny skies set the stage for Joe Santangelo August 10 when the All Star Racing Association returned to unfinished business at New England Dragway.  Forty three NHRA Stock and Super Stock competitors converged on Epping’s power playground in their quest for a coveted championship. 

Fourth round action pitted Tod Bednaz and his C/S ’68 Camaro in a bid to hold off Mark Labreque’s hard charging GT/TC S-10 pickup.  Bednaz scored the round win with a 10.55 second pass to end Labreque’s day.  Joe Santangelo dropped a 10.36 in his GT/EA Camaro to dispatch Tony Filipone’s stick shift ’66 Nova that experienced mechanical difficulties during the run.  Tim Stickles recorded a breakout 11.08 in his ’79 Aspen that was slightly better than Bob Letellier’s 9.42 breakout run in his new 2014 COPO Camaro to move into the semi final round.

In the semi final round it was Bednaz versus Stickles.  Todd logged a 10.51 run on his 10.50 dial to push Stickles under the prediction, while Santangelo enjoyed a bye run into the final.  That set the stage for Bednaz to take on Santangelo in the finale.  At the finish line both drivers were loaded for bear and fans witnessed a double breakout charge that found Santangelo staying closer to the dial and going home with the win. 

Fans of class racing can catch a double header on September 20 and 21 for the annual All Star shootout and final race of the 2014 season. 

Tom Boucher
Photo Courtesy of Wheelzuppics

Boucher Scores ASRA Win

By Ernie Raschke

A perfect summer afternoon set the stage for Tom Boucher’s campaign July 26.  It was the fourth All Star Racing Association (ASRA) battle of the season and first at New England Dragway for 2014, with 50 racers ready to battle for a shot at the championship.  Things heated up in the quarter final round when Tim Stickles at the helm of his F/SA ’79 Aspen parlayed a 11.09 elapsed time to get past a red lighting Mike McCollumn’s ’67 E/SA Chevy II.  Tom Boucher inched his ’97 Firehawk into the beams and benefited from a dial busting Greg Gay’s ’69 C/SA Dodge.  Vic Santos posted a 10.31 in his ’85 Firebird to catch Tyler Fillipone at the finish line.  Lee Valentine made his way into the semi final round thanks to a bye run.  He met Tim Stickles in the semi final and assembled a four-thousandths package for a spot in the final.  On the other side of the ladder Boucher locked horns with Vic Santos and moved into the final with a 9.77 run on his 9.75 dial.  The all late model Firebird finale saw Boucher run right on his 9.76 while Valentine went four hundredths under to give Boucher the spot in New England Dragway’s winner circle.


Greg Gay Garners All Star Race #3

By Ernie Raschke

Under beautiful blue skies race #3 of ASRA was held at Lebanon Valley on June 28th. Forty-nine dedicated class racers attended to do battle in this make up race originally scheduled May 10th. Quarterfinal action saw a pair of Challengers, Mike Farrell’s F/SA ’71 383 versus Stephen Smyth’s CC/SA drag pak car with Farrell’s dial matching 10.96 holding off Smyth’s vain 9.80 (9.82) breakout pass. Steve Sparago’s 11.22 (11.21) from his GT/LA ’94 Firebird held off Alan Mark’s 10.38 from his A/SA ’69 Camaro. Woody Pagano’s dial matching 10.42 from his A/SA ’70 Nova caught Todd Bednaz’s 10.58 (10.61) breakout from his C/S ’68 Camaro in a big block battle. Greg Gay’s 10.86 bye from his ’69 SuperBee completed the round. Semifinals saw Mike Farrell’s 10.95 (10.94) effort dispatch Steve Sparago’s 11.39 red light start. Greg Gay’s dead on 10.86 would defeat Woody Pagano’s right on 10.42 with reaction times playing a significant advantage to Gay.

In the all Mopar final Greg Gay’s .037 initiated 10.87 (10.86) caught Mike Farrell’s 10.96 (10.94) to take home the gold. The next All Star weekend is slated for July 26th & 27th at New England Dragway.

Bonus Awards:
Boucher’s Bounty Hunter: Not Awarded
Markow Race Cars Dead on the Dial: Al Mark
North East Software Services Best Losing 1st Round package: Paul Sutherland
Diamond RV Take out the #1 qualifier: Non member
ASRA #1 qualifier: Al Mark


Bruneau Halls in All Star victory

By Ernie Raschke

Once again mothernature was kind to All Star Race #2 held at Lebanon Valley Dragway. Sixty races showed up to do battle in the second race of the double weekend. Quarterfinal action began with Bob Bruneau’s 9.10 (9.09) from his quick 2000 S-10 dispatch Bob Conway’s 12.23 from his L/SA ’81 Malibu. George Vignona’s .012 initiated 11.00 (10.99) from his D/SA ’71 Duster held off Mark Markow’s 9.27 (9.25) charge from his SS/TB ’00 S-10. Dean Ribeiro’s 11.68 (11.66) from his I/SA ’86 Firebird defeated George Labelle’s game 12.19 (12.17) effort from his J/SA ’69 Camaro. Gene Monahan’s dead on 11.77 from his ’90 Firebird K/SA upended Joe Santangelo and his 10.31 (10.35) breakout run. Semifinals saw Bruneau and his SS/TA truck on to a 9.10 (9.08) to defeat George Vignona’s 10.95 (10.99) breakout pass.

In a battle of Firebirds Gene Monaghan’s red light put Dean Ribeiro in the final versus Bruneau. In the Bruneau’s 9.12 (9.08) caught Ribeiro’s 11.66 (11.67) breakout to win ASRA race #2.

Bonus Awards:
Boucher’s Bounty Hunter: Dan Lynch
Markow Race Cars Dead on the Dial: Dan Lynch
North East Software Services Best Losing 1st Round package: Todd Bednaz
Diamond RV Take out the #1 qualifier: Non member
ASRA #1 qualifier: Non member





Bednaz Prevails in All Star Opener

By Ernie Raschke

The 2014 All Star Racing Series finally got off to a good start at Lebanon Valley Dragway on June 7. Sixty-one dedicated class racers showed up under sunny blue skies.
Quarterfinals saw Clint Walter’s E/SA ’67 Nova run a 11.12 (11.11) to catch Jim Farrell’s dial matching 11.75 from his G/SA ’84 Camaro. Todd Bednaz used a 10.65 (10.62) from his C/S ’68 Camaro to upend Jim Boudreau’s game 10.41 (10.40) pass from his B/SA ’69 Camaro. John Gray’s 10.25 (10.20) from his ’69 Camaro A/SA bettered Joe Mendilo’s 10.23 from his ’67 Nova. Billy Harper’s 11.30 dead on run would defeat Tim Boudreau’s 10.31 (10.33) breakout from his A/SA ’69 Camaro.

Semifinals saw Todd Bednaz’s dial matching 10.61 dispatch the game 11.31 (11.29) effort from Billy Harper. John Gray’s 10.26 (10.22) got by Clint Watler’s vain 11.12 (11.10). In the final Todd Bednaz’s .013 initiated 10.60 (10.59) forced Gray to breakout with a 10.20 on his 10.22 dial.

Bonus Awards:
Boucher’s Bounty Hunter: Todd Bednaz
Markow Race Cars Dead on the Dial: John Gray
North East Software Services Best Losing 1st Round package: Gene Monahan
Diamond RV Take out the #1 qualifier: John Gray
ASRA #1 qualifier: Non member

BREAKING NEWS - April 2014

ASRA Ready to Kick off 2014

The All Star Racing Association will kick off the 2014 season on May 10th at Lebanon Valley Dragway. We have our first double the weekend before the L.V. LODRS event, June 7 & 8 at L.V., this is always a big weekend for the ASRA. Racing resumes at N.E. Dragway with a double on July 26 & 27, this is the weekend after the N.E. LODRS event. For those who need to make up a race, once again you can head to Napierville for the Stk/SS Challenge on September 13&14. We then round out the season at N.E.D. on the weekend of Sept. 20 & 21 with the Diamond RV Shootout and the last race of the season.

Banquet Highlights
We had a packed house for the 2013 banquet, close to 90 guests made the trip to the Hotel Northampton to celebrate a great season of racing and kick off another.

It was John Gray’s night as we recognized his first ASRA/Banks Championship. Not only did he take home the big prize he also won the Best Appearing Car award for his A/SA Camaro, the former Dave Lebrun car. John did his magic and turned a tried and true racecar to show quality and it’s 8th ASRA Championship. Gregg Sutherland along with his brother Paul and father Milt were awarded the prestigious Peter O’ Moran Sportsman of the year award. Special moments like that that make the ASRA what it is. Joanne Labrecque who can sell a 50/50 ticket to anybody took home the Supportive Companion Award for her dedication and support of her hubby Marc. Steve Cappetta was picked as the racer to receive the “Racers Mind package” from Bruce Deveau and the lucky Vic Santos won the membership raffle.

The B.O.D. would like to thank all our sponsors, supporters, those who donated door prices and all the guests who attended the banquet