Sutherland Succeeds in All Star Finale

By Ernie Raschke, 9/25/2016

Marc LaTruckUnder cool and sunny autumn conditions, the final All Star race was held at New England Dragway on September 25th. Thirty three dedicated class racers showed up to do battle. Round 3 began with Adam Strang’s 10.76 (10.74 dial) from his E/S ’68 Firebird defeating Dennis Martin’s 11.45 (11.46) breakout in his ’86 Firebird. Eric Merryfield’s GT/TD ’96 Dakota defeated the SS/EA ’67 Camaro of George Labelle 11.54 to 11.81. Billy Harper’s 10.97 (10.94) from his ’69 Nova F/SA got the best of Tom Boucher’s 9.54 (9.50) from his ’97 GT/BA Firehawk. Marc Labrecque’s GT/TC ’02 S-10 defeated Dean Cook’s K/S ’94 Mustang 10.51 to 12.67.

Gregg Sutherland Had the bye and opened the quarterfinal round defeating a red lighting Adam Strang 9.96 to 10.71. Billy Harper’s .003 initiated 10.95 (10.94) forced Eric Merryfield to a break-out 10.75 (10.77 dial).

Marc Labrecque had the bye and would face off against Billy Harper In the semi-finals. Labrecque’s 10.13 (10.11) was enough to force Harper to break out with a 10.91 on his 10.93 dial.

Gregg Sutherland had the bye and would square up with Marc Labrecque in the final. Labrecque’s (-.005) red light decided the race and the win to Sutherland’s 9.95 run.

2016 Shoot Out Ladder

With the completion of the Napierville race over the weekend, the final ladder has been set for the 2016 Shoot Out sponsored by Markow Race Cars who is celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year!

Please see following ladder along with alternates (click here or on the image for a full size view). The race will be held at New England Dragway on Saturday, September 17th.

A separate email has been sent to qualifying members requesting their confirmation on attendance to the event. We ask that the participants please respond to that email or contact one of the board of directors so that we can supply track with proper names and identify necessary alternates if needed. A timely response is greatly appreciated.

If there are any questions, please reach out to one of the board of directors.

2016 Shoot Out Ladder

LaBrecque Mows Down All-Star Field

By Ernie Raschke, 8/13/2016

Marc LaTruckOn a warm and bright Saturday afternoon, the first race was finally contested at New England Dragway as part of a double race weekend race #4 had 24 dedicated racers show up to do battle.

Quarter-final action saw Marc Labrecque’s dial matching 10.20 from his 2000 S-10 GT/TC dispatched Gregg Sutherland’s game 10.04 (10.01) from his SS/GA ’66 Chevy II. Dennis Martins’ 11.64 (11.61) effort from his I/SA ’86 Firebird held off Len Abrahamson’s 11.31 from his E/SA ’72 Duster. Eric Merryfield’s 10.68 from his ’96 Dakota GT/TD pickup defeated Pete Foster’s 11.29 from his ’67 Camaro F/SA entry.

Marc Labrecque would have the semi-final round bye and would face off against the winner of the match-up between Merryfield’s GT/TD truck and Martins’ Firebird which defeated a red-lighting Merryfield with an 11.61. The final saw Labrecque’s .008 initiated 10.22 (10.19) catch Martins’ dial matching 11.61 effort for the win.

Sutherland Sizzles in All-Star Win

By Ernie Raschke, 8/14/2016

Gregg SutherlandUnder hot summer conditions, race #5 (#2 at New England Dragway) completed a double race weekend. Twenty Five class racers showed up to face the heat.

Quarterfinal action began with Gregg Sutherland’s dial matching 10.06 from his SS/GA Nova getting by a breaking out Marc Labrecque with his vain 10.23 (10.24) effort. Tyler Fillipone had the bye while Bill Pomponi and his H/SA ’69 Camaro were the benefactors of the double break-out run of Tony Fillipone’s GT/H ’66 Nova Wagon 11.52 (11.55) to a 10.97 (11.02). Bob Broadbent’s .008 initiated dead on 10.23 from his A/S ’69 Camaro defeated Chris Butcher’s break-out 11.26 (11.27) from his ’86 Camaro.

Semi-final action saw Gregg Sutherland’s .001 initiated 10.08 (10.06) catch Tyler Fillipone’s 12.70 dial matching effort from his P/SA ’86 Olds. In a battle of ’69 Camaros, Bill Pomponi’s 11.54 from his H/SA entry held off Bob Broadbent’s 10.24 from his A/S Big Block. The final saw Sutherland’s .001 initiated 10.08 (10.05) take the measure of Bill Pomponi’s game 11.54 (11.53) effort. The final All Star race will be held September 18th at Epping with the annual shoot out on September 17.

Farrell Fabricates All-Star Win

By Ernie Raschke, 6/26/2016MIke Farrell

On a nice warm summer afternoon All Star race #3 was held at Lebanon Valley Dragway on Sunday June 26th. Sixty dedicated class racers showed up for the event.

Quarterfinal action began with Paul Sutherland’s SS/LA 66 Nova wagon defeating Pat Aubin’s 86 Camaro GT/GA 11.04 (11.06) to a 10.44 (10.46) in a double breakout affair. Another double breakout benefitted Mike Farrell’s 72 G/SA Cuda over Ed Bednaz and his 69 Nova B/S 11.17(11.19) to a 10.37(10.40). In a third consecutive double breakout, Angelo DiTacco’s 9.79(9.82) from his SS/HA Firebird prevailed over Ken Robinson’s 10.87 (10.91) in his D/SA 67 Camaro. The K/SA 89 Firebird of Gene Monahan defeated a troubled Paul Ricci and his 94 SS/AM Dodge Avenger.

Semifinal action began with Mike Farrell defeating Paul Sutherland 11.31 to 11.04. An all firebird battle saw Gene Monahan’s 11.79 (11.80) get by Angelo DiTacco’s 9.77(9.80) in yet another breakout race.

The final saw Mike Farrell emerge victorious over Gene Monahan 11.22(11.17) to 11.78(11.79) breakout. ASRA will be at Epping July 9th and 10th

Broadbent Brings Home All-Star Win

By EBob Broadbentrnie Raschke, 6/25/2016

On a beautiful, warm, and sunny day, Race #2 of the 2016 season was held at Lebanon valley, the first of a double event weekend. Fifty seven dedicated racers showed up to do battle. Quarterfinal action began with Tom Boucher’s 9.63 (9.62 Dail) from his GT/CA ’97 Firebird defeating Tony Fillipone’s red lighting 10.08 (10.05) from his SS/H ’66 Nova. Bob Vogel’s 12.09 (12.08) effort from his M/SA ’87 Mustang held off Pat Aubin’s vain 10.43 (10.41 Dial) in his GT/GA ’86 Camaro. Bob Moran’s 10.44 (10.41) from is B/SA ’69 Camaro caught Lenny Williams’ 11.17 (11.15) in his ’71 Buick GS 455 F/SA entry. Bob Broadbent’s 10.20 (10.18) from his A/S ’69 Camaro defeated Marc LaBrecque’s 10.19 (10.20) breakout in his GT/TC S-10 pickup.

Semifinal action began with Moran’s 10.76 dispatching Bob Vogel’s 12.07 (12.08) breakout while Bob Broadbent used a dial matching 10.19 to get by Tom Boucher’s 9.619 (9.62) breakout. Unfortunately mechanical woes for Bob Moran prevented the all ’69 Camaro big block final which Broadbent won by default.

Marc LaTrucque

LaBrecque Hauls to All Star Lid Lifter Win

By Ernie Raschke, 5/22/2016

With cloudy skies and a few dark clouds that made it look like rain was imminent, All Star race #1 of the 2016 season was held May 22nd to make up the May 7th rain plagued event.

Thirty two drivers showed up to do battle. Quarterfinal action saw Gregg Sutherland’s 10.19(10.15 dial) from his 66 Chevy II SS/GA getting by Woody Pagano’s 10.44(10.40dial) from his B/SA 70 Nova. Marc LaBrecque’s GT/TC 2002 S-10 used a 10.23 on a 10.19 dial to get by Dave Casey’s breakout 10.21 on a 10.23 dial in his A/S 69 Corvette.

In a battle of Camaro’s Brad Rose used a 11.31 (11.30) from his 67 F/SA forcing Tim Boudeau to breakout in his 69 B/SA 10.26 (10.27). Bob Broadbent’s 10.25 (10.24) from his A/S 69 Camaro was too much for Matt Ticony’s dial matching 11.18 from his 67 Cuda. Semi-Finals saw Marc LaBrecque’s dead-on 10.23 dispatching Broadbent’s game 10.25(10.23) from the 396/375 Camaro. Gregg Sutherland defeated a red lighting Brad Rose 10.21 to 11.26.

LaBrecque would prevail in a double breakout final for his first regular win. 10.20 (10.21) to a 10.17(10.20) for Sutherland.

The next ASRA race is a double header June 25th and 26th at Lebanon Valley.


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