Markow Mows Down All-Star Finale for Sweep

By Ernie Raschke, 9/2/2015

Mark Markow

On a nice September weekend, all-Star racing completed it’s 2015 season with Race #6 at Lebanon Valley. Round 4 started with Dave Casey’s 11.37 (11.36) from his G/S ’86 Camaro defeating Ryan LeBlanc’s 12.39 (12.45) break out from his O/SA ’83 Malibu wagon. Pete Foster’s 11.27 (11.26) from his E/SA ’67 Camaro defeating Greg Gay’s 10.95 (10.92) effort from his ’81 Mirada. Billy Harper’s 11.09 (11.05) from his G/SA ’69 Nova would hold off Tony Scopa’s 9.51 (9.46) pass from his SS/D ’70 Challenger Hemi. Mark Markow’s SS/TB 2000 S-10 used a 9.24 (9.23) to dispatch Jim Penta’s 10.41 (10.43) break out from his A/SA ’99 Firebird. Carl Lubucha’s 13.18 (13.15) from his Q/SA ’55 Chevy forced Brad Rose to break out with a 11.27 (11.28) from his F/SA ’67 Camaro. Tom Boucher’s dial matching 9.79 defeated Vic Santos’ 10.03 in a great race of SS/GT cars.

Quarterfinal action saw Mark Markow’s 9.22 defeat Pete Foster’s red-lighting 11.11.28. Dave Casey’s 11.39 upended Billy Harper’s 11.04 (11.06) breakout while Carl Lubucha 13.16 (13.16) defeated Tom Boucher’s 9.77 In Semi-Final action, Mark Markow’s 9.20 defeated Carl Lubucha’s red-light 13.15, while Dave Casey had the bye.

In the Final, Mark Markow’s 9.23 (9.20) caught Dave Casey’s 11.36. This was Markow’s third victory of the season and secured him the 2015 Championship. The shootout, on Saturday was also won by Markow. He faced Todd Bednaz in the final 9.30 (9.30) to a losing 10.51 (10.59) breakout for Bednaz.

Butcher Breaks Through for ASRA Win

by Ernie Raschke, 8/2/2015 Chris Butcher

On another nice, Sunday summer day, the second of two All-Star races at Lebanon Valley was held on August 9th. Fifty-five dedicated sportsman racers showed up to do battle for the race win and for a position in the All-Star

Photo Courtesy of Diane Kubicke

Shootout to be held here at Lebanon Valley on Saturday, September 19th .

Quarter final action saw Tom Boucher’s 9.66 (9.65) from his ’96 GT/CA Firebird defeating Marc LaBreque’s 10.31 (10.33) break out passfrom his S-10 GT/TC pickup. Chris Butcher’s dial matching 11.20 from his ’86 H/SA Camaro get by Dean Cook II’s 11.86 (11.81) from his I/S ’95 Mustang. Dean Cook’s ’71 Mustang F/S entry would defeat Dan Lynch’s H/SA ’69 Camaro 11.09 (11.08) to 11.30. Gary Parker sped to a 10.93 bye run from his G/SA ’74 Corvette.

Semi Final action saw Chris Butcher’s dial matching (again) 11.18 upend Dean Cook’s breakout 11.04 (11.08) effort. Gary Parker utilized a 10.90 (10.92) to defeat Tom Boucher’s 9.63 (9.64) red-light effort.

The final saws Chris Butcher defeat Gary Parker in a double break out affair 11.179 (11.18) to a 10.902 (10.91).

The final All-Star race is scheduled for Sunday, September 20th.


Markow Mows Down ASRA Field...Again!

by Ernie Raschke, 8/1/2015

On a beautiful, warm and sunny Saturday afternoon, All-Star Race #4 of the season made its first appearance of 2015 at Lebanon Valley Dragway. Sixty of the best Stockers and Super Stockers showed up to do battle.

Mark Markow

Photo Courtesy of Diane Kubicke

Quarter final action began with Mark Markow’s dial matching 9.30 from his 2000 S-10 SS/TB Chevy pickup defeating John Grey’s 11.15 (11.14) effort from his F/SA ’72 Nova; while Dan Lynch’s 11.37 (11.36) from his H/SA ’69 Camaro got the best of Jeff Blais’ K/SA ’75 Trans Am 12.02 (12.05) breakout pass. Todd Bednaz’s 10.68 (10.65) from his C/S ’68 Camaro defeated Dean Cook’s 11.07 (11.06) from his ’71 Mustang F/S. Ed Koziol’s 10.79 from his D/S ’70 AMX bested Tom Boucher’s 9.71 (9.74) in a double breakout affair.

Koziol’s 10.79 (10.80) would defeat Dan Lynch’s 11.29 (11.36) with yet another double break out.Marc Markow’s dial matching 9.29 would dispatch Todd Bednaz’s 10.56 (10.62).

The final saw Mark Markow’s dead on 9.29 defeat the 10.77 (10.79) breakout of Koziol’s AMX.


Markow Mows Down ASRA Field

by Ernie Raschke, 7/12/2015

Another beautiful hot sunny Sunday greeted the All Star Racing Association event #3 at New England Dragway. Fifty eight dedicated sportsman racers answered the call. Quarter final action saw Dan Lynch’s 11.36 (11.32) frMark Markowom his 69 Camaro H/SA upend Tom Boucher’s breakout 10.03 (10.05) from his GT/EA 86 Camaro. Steve Cappetta’s 11.20 (11.19) from his E/SA 69 Camaro bested Todd Bednaz’s breakout 10.61 (10.62) effort from his 68 Camaro. In an interesting heads-up J/SA match-up Justin Picillo’s .043 initiated 11.57 held off Gene Monahan’s 11.52. Mark Markow put together a great package with a .009 initiated 9.35 from his SS/TB 2000 S10 pickup defeating Ray Knight’s 11.16(11.15) pass from his GT/KA , '66 Chevy II.

Semi-final action saw a pair of 69 Camaro’s , Steve Cappetta’s E/SA defeating a red-light(-.006) from Dan Lynch’s H/SA entry. Mark Markow’s 9.36(9.34) from his SS/TB s10 caught Justin Picillo’s game 11.73(11.70) from his J/SA 72 Malibu. In the final Markow’s 9.48(9.35) got past Cappetta’s 11.51 effort for the gold.

Dame Dominates in All-Star Event

By Ernie Raschke, 7/11/2015

Elroy Dame

Photo courtesy of wheelzupradio

Under beautiful summer skies All-Star Race #2 got underway at New England Dragway, the first of a double event weekend. Fifty seven dedicated class racers showed up to do battle. Quarter final action saw Dean Cook’s 11.03 (11.02) effort from his D/S ’71 Mustang thwarting Bob Bruneau’s breakout 9.01 (9.03 dial) from his neat “00 S-10 pickup SS/TA. Elroy Dame’s 10.78 (10.75) from his C/SA ’69 Roadrunner 440–6 Bbl forcing John Cannata’s 9.84 (9.87) breakout from his ’85 Mustang GT/DA. In a late model battle of firebirds, Don Carroll’s 10.60 (10.63) from his B/SA ’98 defeated Lee Valentine 10.55 (10.58) in his SS/JA ’97 entry. Marc LaBrecque’s 10.33 (10.32) from his ’00 S-10 GT/TC defeated Sal Meo 10.92 effort from his SS/JA ’98 Firebird.

Semi-Final action saw Elroy Dame defeat Dean Cook 10.79 (10.75) to an 11.06 (11.01). Donnie Carroll then defeated Marc LaBrecque 10.63 (10.61) to a losing 10.33 (10.32). In the final, Dame’s .011 initiated 10.79 (10.74) would dispatch Donnie Carroll’s 10.63 (10.61) effort.

Justin Picillo

Picillo Prevails in ASRA Opener

By Dave Casey

Saturday May 9th started off cloudy and turned into a perfect race day as the All Star Racing Association kicked off their 2015 season at New England Dragway. 52 racers hit the track for some great racing with temps in the high 60’s . Action started with Mark Markow securing the ASRA #1 qualifying award with a perfect reaction time right out of the box in his beautiful blue Markow Race Cars/ Bob Bruneau powered SS/TB S10 pickup. Mark’s fun ended early as fellow Connecticut racer Woody Pagano in his A/SA Nova took home the “Diamond RV Beat the #1 Qualifier” award in round one by knocking off Markow.

Other round 1 action saw Brian Fink who has been laying down some fast numbers with his Boucher's powered K/SA Malibu get beat but took home Eric Merryfield’s Northeast Software sponsored “Best losing package” award for his gallant effort. John Canatta hit the dial and took home the “Markow Race Cars Dead On “award as the first to hit his dial on a winning run at the race. The Boucher's sponsored “Bounty Hunter “ award was not awarded at this event and is gaining dollars after 2 events with no winner. Picking up action in the Semi’s , two former ASRA Champions squared off as Justin Picillo got the win with a .038 initiated 11.69 on a 11.70 to John Gray’s -.002 redlite and a 10.95 on a 11.00 dial. Then a couple of guys from Connecticut lined up as last year’s #2 in ASRA points Todd Bednaz took on friend and everybody’s favorite “Shrimp Boat Captain” Woody Pagano , Todd prevailed with a .042 initiated 10.53 on a 10.46 to Woody’s .051 start and a 10.46 on a 10.35 dial.

In the final Justin cut his 72 Chevelle loose with a nice .017 leave and ran a 11.73 on a 11.70 dial to take the win over Todd’s .064 started 10.48 on a 10.46 dial in his 68 Camaro. Thanks to all the fans, racers and sponsors who made up for a great event.